Good Shepherd Cork – Statement on Rebuilding Ireland, the Government Action Plan for Housing & Homelessness

Good Shepherd Cork are the principal provider of emergency accommodation for women and children who are homeless in Cork City and County, we also work with the women and children who are forced to live in hostels, hotels and bed and breakfasts. We welcome the comprehensive nature of the Action Plan.

 The length of time that women and children spend in emergency accommodation and hostels & hotels has greatly increased during the current crisis, and is having a significant detrimental effect on the mental health of all concerned.  We know the Minister consulted widely in the preparation of this plan and that he is very committed to seeing it through.

 The country now needs the full support of the government and a new type of leadership at a political and administrative level locally and nationally to deliver the actions in this plan.  We particularly welcome the “pillar” addressing homelessness.

 We sincerely hope that:

  • Cork City and County gets its fair share of the 1500 rapid build houses that are to be delivered by 2018.
  • The number and quality of the beds available in emergency accommodation is urgently addressed including the development work at our own shelter Edel House.
  • Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts and Hostels are no longer needed for emergency accommodation before the end of 2017.

The utilisation of the existing stock of houses and the building of a large number of new houses are very welcome developments, but a major change in the processes involved in delivering these houses is necessary in crisis times.

We look forward to seeing the monthly and annual targets set for Cork to urgently address the homelessness issue and to the rapid implementation of the plan.