A Shelter Is No Place To Spend a Summer Holiday. Help Fund Camp Places for Homeless Children in Cork

There are 22 homeless children living in Edel House. Help us fund places on summer camps so these children can escape the shelter, the chaos and trauma of homelessness and enjoy a happy summer holiday.

Every moment in play is a moment away from the chaos and uncertainty of homelessness.  

Children living in Edel House share a room and bunkbeds with their mother and siblings. There is no outdoor space for them to play and they are separated from school friends, which is especially hard during the long summer break.

You can donate through our donations page, or through our campaign on JustGiving.

We need to provide opportunities for the children in our care to get out of the shelter and enjoy playing and learning with their friends and peers. We need to ensure that during an episode of homelessness their lives experience as little interruption and trauma as possible and that these children can still be children.

For children, the impacts of homelessness can affect their entire future. Growing up with constant chaos and uncertainty, often in extreme poverty, can lead to poor health, low self-esteem, problems in school, alienation, and ultimately, as an adult, high risk of future homelessness.

€100.00 pays for a place on a camp for a child for a week. 

Please help us to provide a happy summer for the children in our care here in Cork.