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Good Shepherd Cork
Education & Development
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Good Shepherd Cork’s Education & Development project offers fresh educational opportunities to women who for a variety of reasons are unable to access mainstream education. Our approach is to place an equal emphasis on personal as well as educational development.

Our teaching staff work in a person centred way, concentrating on the needs of the individual and finding ways to engage beyond the traditional classroom approach.

Often the girls and women who attend our courses are living very chaotic lives, in such situations even attending for two hours a week can be a huge achievement.

Our programmes, which are aimed at girls and women aged from 16 to 35, cater for the range of needs that different learners may present.


There are Three Options:

The Full-Time learner
Full time ETB funded course offering a wide subject choice with a valuable life skills component. Learners work towards a Major QQI (FETAC) Award in Employability Skills at Level 3. There is a strong emphasis on progression to further education and training as a primary objective of this programme (training allowance paid).

The Part-Time Learner
Flexible hours to suit the individual who cannot commit to full time. Learners can develop their life skills and social skills.

Drop In Classes
In the area of literacy, numeracy and computer skills.

All programmes encourage learners to explore new possibilities in life, broadening horizons, opening up opportunities and encouraging aspiration. The learning environment is person centred and holistic, and classes are offered in the following areas:

Art, Design & Crafts; Baking; Basic Literacy; Career Planning & Work Experience; Computers; Communications; Childcare; Healthy Eating; Mathematics; Personal Effectiveness; Sexual Health & Wellbeing; Nail Art; Gardening; Understanding Inter-culturalism.