Emergency Accommodation

Edel House is a self-referral establishment. Referrals can also be made by other agencies both statutory and voluntary.

Further information:
Good Shepherd Cork

Edel House
Grattan St.
E: edelhouse@goodshepherdcork.ie 
T: 021 427 4240

Edel House is perhaps the best known of Good Shepherd Cork’s projects. Providing emergency accommodation for homeless women and children. In addition to providing emergency shelter, our staff work with women, empowering them to return to independent living as soon as possible. 

Edel House is the only homeless shelter in Cork that can admit and care for children. The family section can accommodate 10 families.

We have capacity for 18 single women. The shelter is full every night with an occupancy rate of over 100% since 2013. In 2018 we supported 203 women and children out of homelessness.

However the housing crisis and demand for our services meant that in 2018 we turned away 232 women and 230 children who we were simply unable to accommodate. Many of the women we cannot accommodate have to stay in very unsatisfactory situations, or end up isolated, living in B&Bs or hotels. In response to this Good Shepherd Cork now employ a B&B Outreach team, based at Edel House, who engage directly with these women and their families.

Women who become homeless are often facing multiple challenges. Once a woman is admitted to Edel House, she is assigned a key worker who will get to understand the circumstances that caused her homelessness, and assess her needs before implementing a detailed personal care plan. If necessary, this worker will advocate and liaise with statutory and voluntary agencies on her behalf, to ensure the best outcomes are achieved for every woman and her children.

In addition, we offer a range of supports and resources working alongside women as they regain their independence. During their stay, residents are linked in with educational and social programmes to maintain self-esteem and build self- confidence and morale.

Our staff team, assisted by volunteers, provide a range of social activities and classes for residents throughout the year, including: Art & Crafts; Computers; DVD nights and cooking meals together. We have a team of childcare workers that work with the children on a one to one and group work basis. This happens both in Edel House and during planned outings and activities with the team. Children living at Edel House also take part in a homework club, organised play sessions, and visit other youth projects in the city to ensure they have a life beyond the shelter.

We have recently begun work to extend and refurbish Edel House in order to improve our accommodation for women and children who are homeless.