Good Shepherd Cork Support Services Jennifer availed of were:

Good Shepherd Cork 
Edel House Emergency
Grattan St
T: 021 4274240

(Emergency and medium term accommodation and support for women and children. Phone lines are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.)

Good Shepherd Cork
Education & Development
Redemption Rd.
T: 021 439 7314

Good Shepherd Cork
Support & Advocacy
Henry St.
T: 021 427 3890

Good Shepherd Cork 
Aftercare Activities and Clubs
T: 021 492 4296 or
021 492 4236
F: 021 4924356

Jennifer’s Story

I had an argument with my partner and I knew that I had to leave . . . the domestic violence was gettin’ too much . . . I was gonna end up dead.

I got a bus to Cork . . . luckily it was running . . . I knew I wasn’t going back . . . and I thought, “I might be able to get a bed in Edel House” . . . it’s a homeless hostel for women. I went there, but it all changed. They said they hadn’t got a bed. They gave me the use of their phone and I phoned a CWO (Community Welfare Officer) at a Homeless Unit in Drinan St. They were actually closed, they offered to pay for a B&B and gave me certain B&B’s numbers to phone.

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They told me to keep trying and was lucky I got a B&B . . . went back to them the next morning . . . showed my face at Drinan St. . . . Community Welfare Officer again and they reimbursed the money . . . and they gave me two nights to cover me for the weekend. So I had to find a bed . . . and I was bawlin’. I went in to OSS on North Main St. which is a Domestic Violence Service, to see if they could help me.

They offered a refuge up past Limerick somewhere. I had a child, so it was too far altogether. Anyway, I was looking for B&Bs . . . like, I was crying . . . I did not know . . . and then, all of a sudden, the phone went and I had a bed in Edel House . . . and they said, “come over” and I was really happy . . . and the worry . . . and they gave me help and support. I mean, it was a tough few months, but I got through it anyway.

My daughter was in voluntary care. I had an addiction problem, she has been with her Nana since nine and a half months old. So well, Edel House . . . you get given a key worker in there.

They work with you and you just meet up and chat . . . and you have to take letters over to the City Hall. Then you have to apply for your Rent Allowance. It’s some run around . . . it really is. . . they just help you get on your feet . . . get the rent up and going . . . all you can keep really doing is looking on or on the papers for accommodation.

I was 9 and a half months in Edel House. When I went in there I was actually drink and drug free . . . and, it wasn’t because of the place but, I ended up relapsing on drugs . . . and I had to admit to the staff . . .

Oh goodness! I had to go to Arbor House and attend the clinic . . . and I’m still working with them today. And then I also lost my partner when I was in there. . . I was in Edel House four months when he passed away . . . otherwise I’d have ended up back with him, d’you know.

I’m lucky because I got supported. I got my own place through Edel House, through one of their workers . . . I don’t know how they found it, they linked in to a good few people, just someone they know.

Then, I hadn’t actually heard about the Education and Development and my key worker told me,” Why don’t you come up and see for the day?” and I met Ger, and I thought “Goodness! I’ll give it a go”.

I thought it might not be for me at all. It’s really changed me, helped to get routine in my life. I hadn’t had it for such a long time. I forgot what life was . . . honest! It’s just shown me bit by bit. Computers, communications . . . just the people . . . everyone’s caring! I realise that there really is more to life.

You just have to get up off your bum and . . . you just have to believe and keep setting goals. Now I’ve got a house and my whole life has changed really. I’m so much more comfortable. I can sleep at night . . . don’t have no fear of him coming in under the influence of drink . . . have my own key . . . my own shower. I’m still attending classes and looking into going into Further Education.

I still have to detox off methadone but my plans are to detox and get a job for myself . . . slowly, slowly, slowly. I can’t really make big goals, you know. My Aftercare worker; I can meet up anytime if I’ve any problems . . . she’s fantastic!

It’s what you keep looking into you know . . .

[Jennifer is not her real name]

Other Support Services Jennifer availed of were:

Homeless Persons Unit
Drinan Street, Cork,
T: 021 4805495

This is part of the Department of Social Protection Adult Homeless Integrated Services.

Community Welfare: Officers for homeless persons hold daily public clinics and regular outreach clinics.
Opening Hours: 9.30 – 11.30am and 2.30 – 4.00pm (Except Tuesday afternoons)

A City Council Outreach Worker is available from 9am-5pm. T: 021 480 5490-93.

Department of Social Protection
Hanover Quay, Cork,
T: 021 480 6800
F: 021 427 3770

Rent Supplement is paid to people living in private rented accommodation who cannot afford the cost of their accommodation from their own resources.

Opening Hours: 9:15am to 5pm (Monday to Thursday) and 10:15am – 4:30pm (Friday)

Cork City Hall
Housing Assistance Payment,
Housing and Community Directorate,
City Hall, Anglesea Street, Cork,
T: 021 492 4296 or 021 492 4236
F: 021 4924356

Office Hours: 9 am to 5 pm (Monday to Friday excluding public holidays).

Cork County Council
Hap Unit, Housing Dept, Floor 4, Cork
T: 021 428 5079/021 428 5111/021 428 5368/021 428 5321

Threshold Advice Centre
22 South Mall, Cork
T: 021 427 8848
F: 021 480 5111

Make an appointment to speak to an adviser.
Opening Hours: Mon – Fri 9.30-1pm & 2pm-5pm.
Manager: Niall Horgan

One Stop Shop Cork
94 South Main Street, Cork City
Free phone: 1800 497 497

Opening Hours: 9am to 1pm (Monday to Friday).

The OSS Cork provides services to men and women who have experienced or are currently experiencing domestic violence.
It provides a free and confidential service that includes: Information; Support; Referral; Advocacy; Accompaniment.

Cuanlee Refuge
Kyrls Quay, Cork City
T: 021 427 7698,
Public T: 021 427 7594
24-hour helpline: 021 427 7698


Guide to Homeless Services in Cork
Homeless Office
T: 021 492 4249

The Cork City Homeless Forum has produced a guide to homeless emergency services for over 18’s in Cork. Download the PDF Guide to Homeless Emergency Services

Arbor House Treatment Centre and Community Counselling Service                  
St. Finbarr’s Hospital
Douglas Road, Cork City
T: 021 496 8933

Services Provided: Consultation/assessment Family programmes Methadone treatment, Out-patient treatment for drug/alcohol addicted adults and young people