Support & Advocacy

At Good Shepherd Cork we know that the impact of homelessness is not solved by a house alone. Women who have experienced homelessness have been through a trauma, they have ongoing needs and are often living alone with little or no family support.

Without access to appropriate support services loneliness and social isolation can set in, allowing previous physical and mental health issues and old habits and behaviours to resurface and become barriers to being able to successfully sustain a tenancy and live independently.

Our Support and Advocacy team tailor their services to meet the individual needs of each woman and child as they progress to sustainable independent living. They work with women to actively involve them in decision making and planning, providing practical and emotional support as well as links to other appropriate services.

Social activities and drop in sessions for coffee, lunch or DVD evenings are held regularly and provide a social focus for women to support each other as well as to access Good Shepherd Cork staff.

For further information, contact us at:
T: 021 427 3890

Wellness Recovery Action Plan, or WRAP

WRAP is used throughout our services as a support to overcome the daily challenges of living. Staff are trained in the delivery of this programme and use it to inform and inspire their professional practice.

WRAP training helps participants to identify their personal strengths and resources and to gain experience and aspiration beyond the chaos in which they live.

Participants design a “Wellness Toolbox” and develop Action Plans to enable them to deal with challenging situations and to maintain wellness on a day to day basis.